After a long, hot Summer we are slowly turning towards Fall. The Hollyhocks late Summer Inspiration Board features indigo and turquoise with pops of red… soothing, cool hues with a hint of heat. Below is a breakdown of the various elements that inspired this decor scheme.

Indigo can be introduced through fabrics, such as shibori pillows and napkins. Shibori is the Japanese technique of binding and dyeing cloth indigo. It creates intricate tie dye patterns that are very popular in boho chic decor especially when mixed with other colorful textiles. The basket filled with skeins of indigo yarn is gorgeous!

Turquoise painted furniture and pottery and bright red cushions, books and artwork are the accent colors and pull the eye around the room. Wood, wicker baskets and rattan furniture are the natural elements that add texture. Plants, flowers and bowls of fruit bring life to every room.

Collections from match boxes and pear prints to butterflies under glass are the little touches that show your personality. Display treasures picked up on nature walks (sea shells, lichen, acorns) in Mason jars and mementos from your travels together on a bookshelf. Include books that relate to the collected objects for an interesting vignette.

This design scheme is the perfect bridge to Autumn with all of its vivid hues. To transition, set out miniature pumpkins, lots of candles and bowls of seasonal produce and you are done! Indigo will fade into the background and serve as a grounding color similar to black or dark gray.

Resources: Shibori pillows and napkins (Etsy); painted furniture (Nadeau); pottery (Etsy); wood bowls, wicker baskets and candles (Hollyhocks on Main).



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