Au Naturele Christmas

The inspiration for this year’s holiday scheme – au naturele* is based on the latest design trends. To determine what’s hot right now, browse through current magazines and catalogs, tearing out the pages that you like. Then sort through them, keeping only the ones with similar elements. Finally, pin them up on a bulletin board, moving them around until they come together to tell a story. Voila! Themes emerge and designs are distilled down to key elements.

This season it’s all about green and white paired with natural elements… evergreen trees, twinkle lights and birch logs. Add in metallic elements such as tin or mercury glass for brightness. Gold, bronze or silver also work well with this color scheme. For a rustic element, use wood slabs to create groupings and add height. For texture sprinkle in pine cones and acorns. Incorporate your own collections, from bottlebrush trees to vintage clocks, to personalize the look.

The beauty of this decor is that it is relatively simple to achieve. A grapevine wreath or two, a few undecorated pre-lit trees, pots of paperwhites and bowls of clementine oranges, pine cones and cinnamon sticks. Lanterns and lots of votive candles bring the sparkle. Set out your coziest blankets and a basket of your warmest socks (see Hygge Your Holiday).  Light a fire (or a candle) and have a cup of hot tea (or glass of port) and enjoy some well earned “me time.”

Tip #1: if you opt for faux trees, mix in fresh green swags from your backyard or local nursery and burn a balsam fir candle.

Tip #2: for an easy potpourri, slice oranges and add cinnamon sticks and cloves to a pot of water and bring to a simmer on the stove.

*Au na-tu-rel: with no elaborate treatment, dressing or preparation; being in a natural style or condition.

Resources: Evergreen trees, tin trees and candle holders, faux paper whites, mercury glass and ivory pom pom throws (Hollyhocks on Main), grapevine wreaths, pine cones, birch logs, paper white bulbs and fresh greens (local nursery), cinnamon sticks and oranges (grocery store).



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